This month, the Maine Flower Show showed its true colors at its new location at Thompson’s Point in Portland. Owned and produced by members of Maine’s horticulture industry, the show welcomed thousands of visitors who came seeking warm weather inspiration and left with enough to last all year.

Rock walls, waterfalls, blooming plants, trees, bushes, a sea of daffodils and tulips – even Marilyn Monroe – were on full display, providing an ideal showcase for area garden centers, landscapers, yardscapers, and other horticultural service providers. Visitors participated in seminars about everything from brown tail moths to beekeeping, voted for their favorite displays, and left with seeds, plants, and other items from local sellers.

MCP Creative Digital created the Maine Flower Show website, managed online ticket sales, and promoted the show with online Search and Display advertising. We were thrilled with the response. Congratulations to everyone involved in this successful, inspiring event!