Website Design

Need a beautiful site that connects, communicates and creates community? You do.

Choose a Maine web design company with expertise in WordPress development. We have deep experience in today’s interface design, and we solve digital problems with creativity. Intuitive navigation, effective use of color, space and typography, and seamless usability are the objectives of superior web design. We can help leverage your assets, establish trust with your audience, and tell your story.

Our Process


Gathering Requirements

The collaboration stage is critical to understanding our clients’ goals. Together, we determine the purpose of the website and its technical requirements, learn about its stakeholders and audience, and approve budget and timeline.

Information Architecture

By translating findings from the Requirements Gathering phase, we create the site’s information architecture and provide a visual companion to the outline to serve as a reference for client, copywriter and designer throughout the duration of the project.


Content & Design

The interface design represents the information architecture, visualizes the content and the client brand, and enables the interactive functionality, while the website’s content captures the tone of the organization and clearly communicates its goals to the target audience.

Development, Testing and Launch

During this phase, features of the CMS, or Content Management System (such as WordPress), interactive contact forms, or e-commerce are implemented and made functional. We attend to the final details by testing the site for complete functionality of scripts, browser and platform (OS) compatibility issues, and mobile responsiveness on all popular devices, insuring compliance to current web standards and maximum accessibility.

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