Search Engine Optimization

Preparation, meet opportunity.

Informed, up-to-date SEO practices are essential to driving traffic to your website. At MCP, we’ve been immersed in the SEO industry since the aughties, and while many elements of search have changed, our commitment to user experience and visibility over the long term means our clients can weather the changes of the search landscape.
For potential customers searching for your business, you are your website. Search Engine Optimization on and off the page increases your visibility online, helps to create a positive user experience, and enhances your brand’s authority within your business space. That means potential customers, donors, and patrons will find you when they engage in queries relevant to your business.

Our Most Frequently Asked SEO Question

Can you make me come up online above my competitors/at the top of the page?

Unlike some other SEO firms, we avoid making guarantees about search ranking. However, it is very likely we can help you come up in the number one spot on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when someone searches the name of your company or brand.

When it comes to phrases related to your brand, there are several strategies we use to make sure you are visible on the SERP alongside or above your direct competitors. They include on-the-page optimization of content and meta information; increasing your page rank using content marketing tactics that will increase the number of links that direct to your site; optimizing your Business Listing and adding schema, sitelinks, reviews and snippets; creating valuable content around desirable terms; and capitalizing on niche terms that will attract more targeted users at different stages of the sales cycle.

We focus on optimization that puts the focus on the user, not the search engine. That means your company is best positioned to be highly visible to potential customers and consistently competitive over the long term, whether you are competing locally, nationally, or internationally.

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