Content Marketing & Social Media

Great organizations aren’t born great – they grow great.

What can content marketing and social media do for your audience? We consider content marketing the evolution of yesterday’s social marketing and yesteryear’s link building. Maintaining an online presence by leveraging and marketing valuable content means you are making a positive contribution to the conversation you want to have – and that’s the first step toward building your audience.
You don’t have to conquer every available platform – but you do need a content marketing strategy that will serve as a tool to build your brand, engage with customers, and improve your visibility. We help clients feel confident that they are using social media in a way that helps them reach their goals – through planning, measuring, and making data-driven decisions to capitalize on their efforts.

Our Most Frequently Asked Social Media Question

How do I measure the results of social media efforts?

As part of our content marketing/social media consulting, we first work with you to establish your business goals. Once we know what your goals are, we provide regular benchmark reports that show where your efforts and/or those of your vendors have succeeded and where they’ve fallen short. We provide regular ROI reporting on all social media channels, and we respond with specific changes, areas of collaboration, and new up-to-the-moment ideas that will drive more traffic, increase interactions, and capitalize on the progress you’ve already made.

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