Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing, which includes pay-per-click online advertising (PPC) either on a Search Engine Results Page, through contextual display advertising on a website, or through remarketing / retargeting, is an important way users find your business or organization.
Through platforms like Google Ads, you can attract qualified users to your site with no uncertainties about the return on your investment. MCP is a Qualified Google Professional agency with deep SEM expertise. We have provided SEM services and consulting for a wide range of industries and for accounts with diverse budgets and goals. We pride ourselves on using creative thinking and problem solving to help our clients use their budgets effectively and take full advantage of their accounts.
Are you a 501(c)(3)? You may be able to take advantage of Google Grants for Nonprofits ➜



Media Planning

In addition, we offer media planning and buying for online advertising campaigns, including budget negotiation, ongoing optimization for best performance and reporting that reconciles on-site data against vendor reports.


Mill Cove Partners Frequent Questions

Our Most Frequently Asked SEM Question

I’m David competing with lots of Goliaths. Can search marketing work for me?

We work with clients who use search engine marketing to advertise across the U.S., overseas, in Maine and New England – and in their local community. Adwords is a scalable, trackable medium that works for almost any budget, even budgets that change on a dime. We believe there is space for everyone who has something to offer their customers. We can help you find creative ways to target the right audience, stretch your media budget, and use your resources effectively, so your company is competitive online even if you’re a David up against a formidable Goliath.
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